About Lynn

pediatric sleep consultant Lynn Danis

Hi, Bonjour and welcome!

When I was a baby, I did not sleep a full night until I started school. The little hours I did sleep, my mother would fall asleep on the floor beside my crib as I held her finger through the bars. If she dared take her finger back, I would cry again. My poor mother!

But it didn't end there. My earliest memories involved growing pains so bad I would cry myself to sleep while my mother would rub my legs. Later, I remember having to sing song after song, driving my parents mad as it was impossible for me to fall asleep without singing. I would sometimes tiptoe to my bedroom window and watch people and cars go by for hours before being drowsy enough to go to sleep. I was also known to sleepwalk from time to time throughout my childhood.

Eventually, I did learn to fall asleep on my own, but I was older, and I've probably taken years off my parents' life with sleep deprivation.

Fast forward to me being pregnant and trying to prepare for every possible outcome (HA!), including a baby who won't sleep because I was worried, you know, karma. I started reading books and researching why some babies aren't good sleepers, even as they get older.

I learned a lot and became obsessed with sleep - I still am - but I couldn't wrap my head around letting my baby cry alone when it came to sleep training. I thought sleep training meant I had to close the door and walk away.

That's when I stumbled on the Gentle Sleep Coach training by The Sleep Lady herself, Kim West. It is a way to sleep train while still comforting your child and answering their needs. This gentle method fosters a secure attachment, and let's be honest; it's a little easier on our heartstrings. I graduated from the program and entered the Gentle Sleep Coach advance program in January 2022.

I believe in this method so much that I decided to not only learn the method for my baby but also become a Gentle Sleep Coach myself.  I then created Baby Dream Coach, an Indigenous, female owned business - to help other parents get the sleep they deserve:

"Because sleep makes everything better".