p and arlo

"As second-time parents to our boy Arlo, we thought we could sleep train doing exactly what we did with our first (who was an incredible sleeper) but boy were we wrong! Just like how no two kids are the same, we struggled with Arlo for 10 months using the tried and tested methods we had used with our oldest. We just reached a point where we thought sleeping through the night wouldn't happen for us. Enter Lynn.
Just when we thought things were hopeless, they weren't and we honestly have Lynn to thank for that. She listened to our needs and came up with a plan that took only 5 days to work. Not only did her plan fit our needs but she also incorporated things into the plan that were non-negotiables for us (like bottle and Arlo's beloved bear, Gus). She reassured us, checked in every morning and celebrated when finally, after 10.5 months we all got a full night's sleep.
Fast forward to today, we've eliminated the bottle, restarted what Lynn taught us, and we're still all sleeping through the night. Would recommend Lynn to anyone who is unsure how to navigate the world of sleep training, her approach works and so does she."

~ Paria 

"We went from our son sleeping in our bed, where he wouldn’t even allow me to leave once he was
asleep, to him being able to go to sleep in a crib, in his own room and sleep through the night.
Lynn is an excellent coach, she draws from personal experience and is empathetic and understanding. I know she is just getting started, but I don’t think there is anything she could have done better. We didn’t even think it was possible and she completely saved our family in a kind, supportive, and effective way.
We are so grateful to Lynn for her help and patience with our family."

~ H.